10 Ways To Transform Your Ecommerce Site

You’ve found a great host now it’s time for a great site

So you’ve sorted out your hosting service and you’re ready to get up and running. The next most important step is to perfect your eCommerce site. Ecommerce hosting is taking over the world and it’s showing no signs of slowing so here are our top 10 tips on how to get your site up to scratch.

Make Your Site Responsive

On all platforms, not just desktops. Test your sites responsiveness and templates on mobile and tablet formats too. These days we know that more and more customers are using their phones for ecommerce and this is only going to increase. Don’t bog your site down with unnecessary coding or features that do more harm than good. This is also why it’s crucial to find a hosting provider that can service your website with adequate speed. In this digital world where everything is at the touch of your fingertips within seconds, if your site is lagging or failing to load fast enough your customers will lose interest and move on.

Always Show The Cart

When you shop in a bricks and mortar store you’re constantly within reach and view of what’s in your cart. The same principle should exist in the eCommerce world. Always have the cart icon visible to the customer. This will make their lives easier and their overall shopping experience more positive. It’s the little things like this that add up in the end. Having a responsive count when something is added or removed to the cart is another great addition.

Make The Checkout Accessible

Don’t make customers work to get to the checkout. The whole point of your eCommerce store is to eventually get them there so don’t hide it. Show a constant, easy, and clear link through to the checkout at all times. Customers expect speed when it comes to eCommerce and that’s why they are choosing it over and over again. Don’t risk them giving up or getting distracted because it was too hard or took too long to get to the checkout.

Give Them A Search Bar

They shouldn’t have to go digging for gold. In a brick and mortar store if you were the retail assistant you’d be attending to every one of your customers needs. Going above and beyond and pulling out all those customer service stops. It should be no different in your role of building and running an eCommerce store. Give your customers a search bar that is constantly visible. This way they can find exactly what they came for without wasting time or getting lost.

Sort Out Your Menus

Following on from your search bar your menus are your retail assistants on your site. They need to be clean, clear, simple, and easy to navigate. Make sure they’re logical and make any user experience easier. Categorize your products or services and make your site easy to understand, not a site that alienates customers.

Be Transparent

A good eCommerce store has nothing to hide. Providing FAQs, reveiws, privacy policies, return information, and shipping details instantly proves to your customers that you’re operating above board and efficiently. Doing so also means you communicate that your brand is one to trust, with all the relevant knowledge and skills, without having to pitch it to them. Building customer trust through total transparency means loyal customers that come back for more or send their friends.

Be Contactable

Always show your contact details. It’s good practice to have them in the footer of your site so they’re never too far away. This shows you’re willing to help out, gives your brand or business a sense of reliability and personality, and your customers more peace of mind.

Use A Call To Action… Or Two

Or three, or four, or five. Use prominent call to actions across your whole site. Make sure they’re logical and appealing. Give your customers an easy way to follow through with buttons and links that are easy to navigate.

Track Your Stock

Let your customers see how much stock you have left. If they go to purchase something and suddenly find it’s actually sold out that could leave a bad taste in their mouth and affect their impression of your brand negatively. It’s a great way for you and the customer to see your inventory levels, you can also track what sells and what doesn’t this way. Who knows, that low stock level might be the final push someone needs to buy your product.

Feature Your Best Sellers

People love to know what’s popular. If you have a product that’s selling like wildfire make that known on your site. It helps new customers who may be looking for an introduction to your business but aren’t sure where to start