Due to the COVID-19 pandemic many businesses have been able to stay open through online platforms. Although offices may be closed and retail. This overnight change has caused a huge rise in online traffic. While this is a great thing, it means that web hosts and site owners need to be able to support this increased traffic. This means ensuring their site is equipped to handle the influx and their customer support is responsive and ready too. These tasks require careful consideration. Whether your site is currently operating on cloud server hosting or a regular host provider now is the perfect time to get in touch with them and ensure your site is up to scratch.

We’ve put together a few easy tips and tricks to help you make sure your site not only survives, but thrives and supports your customers and businesses through these unusual times :

These odd situations have forced many of us to perform our usual roles in unprecedented work environments that are unfamiliar to a lot of professionals. Understand and appreciate that it takes time to adapt to a new work environment. Set aside the time to make any necessary changes to your site, your hosting, and your marketing to ensure it’s working with you not against you.
Take the time to connect with your customers. Instead of wondering what it is they need from you during this period of change, reach out and ask. This not only demonstrates your dedication but will help you and your site stay on track while navigating increased traffic.
Set realistic limitations and expectations while interacting with your customers. While many things are uncertain, be transparent with your customers. If you are experiencing high demand let customers know and stay in touch as much and as often as possible. This will help both you and the customer manage expectations and avoid any negative experiences.
Customer service is more important than ever. If you can’t be there to help customers or resolve issues face to face, you need to be available online 24/7 in some way shape or form to do so. Ensure your site has accessible customer support features. This could be chat bots, ticket systems, FAQ pages, and direct contact links.
Consider a hosting provider that offers round the clock customer support. This means if a sudden spike in traffic occurs and your server is down or there are other issues, you can rectify them immediately and ensure your site is not missing out on traffic and leads due to downtime.
Optimise your site. Ensure everything is logical, organised, and easy to understand.
Analyse where all this increased traffic is heading and prioritise it. Look for patterns and products that you can promote. Create landing pages that are exciting and engaging and make your customers lives easier.