Web Hosting & Blogging: Top Tips

A great blog site can help you in reaching out to a variety of audiences and spreading your message effectively. However, this is only possible when your blog is working perfectly with optimum loading speeds and exceptional uptime. 

This may sound tricky but it’s made easy when you choose quality web hosting services for your blog. It is necessary for you to shop around and ensure you are getting the best possible web hosting package for your blog. 

As mentioned earlier, the key features to look for while picking a web host should be the fast loading time and optimum uptime. Thousands of readers from a variety of regions across the world will access your blog to read your content, therefore, it should be available all the time. 

If visitors access your site and find out that it is down, there is a high probability that they won’t return. In addition to impeccable uptime, loading speed is also critical, especially for SEO. Google also takes loading speed in account as a critical factor while ranking websites. Faster site speed can also lend itself to higher conversion rates. A slower site speed means you are losing half of your readers before they reach your CTA. 

We’ve put together some more info on further key factors you need to consider while picking a web host for your blog:

A longer Trial Period:

A longer trial period for web hosting allows you to test the hosting thoroughly and build confidence in the services of your web host. A number of leading hosting providers offer 45 to 90 day trials, usually with a full refund. You can figure out the shortcomings of your hosting during these trial periods and come to a decisive conclusion. Similarly, some companies even offer money-back at any time, so if you are not satisfied you can cancel your account any time and receive a full refund. 

Primary Domain From Different Party:

Many web hosting providers offer free domains. You can use this free domain for secondary sites and a variety of experiments to test some strategies before you implement these strategies on your actual site. The main advantage of getting primary domain from another vendor is ease while switching hosts. If you are using the free domain offered by your web host as a primary domain for your site, it may become difficult for you to switch your hosting provider.

Consider Safest Payment Method:

You need to put extra care and consideration while choosing your standard payment method to your web hosting service provider. Mainly three types of payment methods are used. These methods are Paypal, Debit card, and credit card. Each payment method has its own merits. Paypal is the safest payment method as it comes with many built-in protection features that will help you in avoiding fraud and theft. It also means your debit and credit information remains confidential as well. You need to make sure that the payment method you are choosing is safe and ensures secure transactions while suiting your business best.