The Future Face Of Hosting: What To Expect

Web Hosting is constantly growing and changing. It’s an industry that needs to be scalable and  adaptable to new technology, uses, and trends. We’ve compiled the most important trends and developments you will want to be across over the next couple of years. From cloud server hosting to privacy and security authentication, here’s all you need to know.

The Cloud

Cloud hosting has already become hugely popular and it’s not hard to see why. It’s showing no signs of slowing down over the next few years either. This type of ‘virtual’ hosting allows users to actually grow with their hosting provider rather than have to constantly reevaluate their plan or provider when traffic spikes or business booms. Cloud hosting means all files, sites, and data is stored in the ‘cloud’. This means providers aren’t locked down to one single server. If there is a server crash or a spike in traffic all your data is still available and can be transferred to another server. This is the reliable, scalable way of the future in hosting.

Going Green 

Green hosting is another new form of hosting that is currently on the rise. This refers to hosting providers that operate off an ‘eco friendly’ server. These hosts run off low energy consumption policies and seek out energy efficient devices, networks, and more. As the state of the environment becomes more of a concern Green Hosts are paving the way for a sustainable future in hosting. Run your site with a clean conscience and go green to give back.


As technology advances we expect everything faster and easier than ever. The same goes with hosting. As hosting technology continues to evolve automation is becoming increasingly popular. Automated backups on large amounts of data ensure your sites security in the event of a server crash or breach. This makes your job, and you providers job easier as files can be backed up automatically and easily accessed.


As more and more is done and stored online, the more of a concern security authentication becomes. In the near future of hosting we’ll see authentication protocols becoming more complex, thus more secure. Gone will be the days of a two step username and password. This works for businesses and customers. Security on eCommerce sites is also tightening up to avoid site hacks.

Additional Services

Just like any industry, being able to provide additional services will always give you an edge over your competitors. This is something that has already been happening in the hosting world but we are continuously seeing more of. More and more providers are introducing new tools and services that set them apart from the rest. Things like web design and development services are becoming part of more and more packages. Email marketing and specific eCommerce features are also being integrated. It’s also becoming standard to offer training and round the clock customer service in your hosting packages, making it easier and easier to host, customise, and grow sites.